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Tesla “Shock”

This project came about via our connection with the Def Leppard camp. Not only do they share management with Tesla, but the Lep’s very own Phil Collen produced this album. The band pretty much gave us carte blanche, so we came up with a very graphic solution which depicts Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower. Along with the title, we figured this would be a good representation of the band today.

Def Leppard “The Story So Far: The Best Of” 

Legendary British rock ‘n’ roll icons and 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame® nominees Def Leppard once again hired t42design to helm the creative for their brand new greatest hits collection entitled The Story So Far – The Best Of. We created multiple configurations: a 2-CD set comprised of 35 tracks, 1-CD comprised of 17 tracks and 2LP vinyl.


Breaking Benjamin “Ember”

“Ember” is our 6th collaboration with platinum act Breaking Benjamin for Hollywood Records. The full package included the vinyl, cd packaging and more.

Riverdogs “California”

This past summer we designed the new album for Riverdogs. You might remember, they put out an amazing album back in 1990, still one of our favorite rock records. Their new release “California” is now out in stores as CD and vinyl! Check out the artwork.

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