Riverdogs California CD Package


Frontier Records

Def Leppard, Riverdogs
About This Project

The band Riverdogs (from LA) put out an incredible rock album way back in 1990. Last year we got wind that the group is back together and recording new songs. Certainly we were excited to hear that. Coincidentally, Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard fame, is the ‘Dogs’ guitar player, and since we have been friendly with him for years, we approached him and simply asked if we could design that new album. It was a true labor of love, for the love of great music essentially.


The cover art is based on a photo of downtown Los Angeles, shot by @kelseyfilms up in Griffith Park (essentially our backyard). It only made sense after all that a design studio from Silver Lake designed this package!


We also designed their website. Check it out here.