KISS Rocks Vegas


Eagle Rock Entertainment

About This Project

In November 2014 a helicopter landed at the infamous Hard Rock Hotel as KISS invaded Las Vegas for a historic nine-show run. Of course t42design had to be present as well for one of those shows! The beginning of the show was spectacular, as giant screens were moved to the sides, revealing the band in full action! We thought that moment would make a great cd/dvd cover if they’d ever release such a product. Well, at the beginning of 2016 we were approached by the band to design just that. It was obviously clear to us what the cover should be. Luckily, our friend and great live photographer, Ross Halfin, was at that show to deliver the perfect shots. We designed a Deluxe Edition, various CD, Blu-Ray, DVD configurations plus a really cool triple-fold, double vinyl package.


The Japanese record company decided to up their release a notch and printed the art on metallic foil with an elaborate embossing. They also created a fancy deluxe box with KISS masks, and other additional goodies.

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