KISS | Various Sets


Universal Music

About This Project
Besides new releases for KISS such as Sonic Boom or Monster, we often get asked to design compilations by Universal Music. Now, these projects perhaps don’t seem as exciting as a new album, however they pose their own unique challenges. 
Oftentimes, they have to be turned around within a short period of time, or they have limitations on budgets, such as for licensing photos from photographers or agencies. It is these constraints that end up making the project interesting for us designers. These types of releases cater towards the casual fan or somebody who perhaps just discovered the band.
The goal is to create a striking cover and an appealing inside of the packaging which then hopefully will lead the consumer to discover the artist’s catalog. Displayed here are ‘The Casablanca Years,’ ‘Alive,’ ‘Ikons,’ and ‘Playlist.’
We have also been involved in reissue projects, such as ‘Destroyer – Resurrection’, the deluxe-edition for ‘Love Gun’ and several vinyl albums as part of the ‘KISSteria’ Vinyl Road-Case Box. In these instances, original artwork has to be researched, restored and recreated from scratch as oftentimes the original print-files are lost or unusable.
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