Advertising and Marketing Design


Hundred Acre Wine Group

About This Project

Hundred Acre Wine Group, based in Napa Valley, CA was introduced to us through a client in Switzerland. JP DiLenardo, owner and designer of the successful jewelry business CULT925. HAWG asked us to create a national advertising campaign, for their brand new red wine called β€˜If You See Kay.’ Since IYSK was catering to a younger wine-drinking demographic, the message was to be a bit raunchy, wild and daring. In some areas in the US, the wine ended up being β€˜banned’ because of its name. Exactly what the intention of the name was.


Besides the advertising, we also designed cool things like guitar amps and guitar picks.


Another project we did for this client was an ad campaign for a Whiskey brand they were launching, This happened in partnership with the estate of John Wayne, legendary TV-Western hero. Apparently, John left behind a huge collection of all types of Bourbon Whiskeys, which then were re-bottled under the DUKE label.

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