Eddie Van Halen


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Neil Zlozower, Van Halen
About This Project

Never did I think I would ever get to design, let alone instigate a book about my favorite musician: Eddie Van Halen. While working on the Van Halen book with Zlozower years before, I realized early on that there is too much material to fit in one book. One thing I learned well over the years working on all sorts of projects that involve large amount of photos, was to memorize a lot of that material while editing! So I made a mental note of all the extra photos we couldn’t use in the VH book. We sure dug into it when we got going with this one. We also had all sorts of other well known musicians contribute little stories or anecdotes.


Once the book was printed I hand delivered a few copies to the master himself. He took about an hour to read and look through the book, sitting there on the couch at his 5150 Studios. With a classic Eddie smile he got up, shook my hand, hugged me and said ‘Thank you.’