Def Leppard "Yeah" CD Package and Tour Book


Universal Music Group

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About This Project

The Leps liked what we did for the Definitive Collection CD so they asked us to design their new album, which was a tribute to their musical heroes. The glitzy cover concept was shot by Clay Patrick McBride, a great photographer based in New York. The rest of the album art was a homage to the original album artworks, which was interesting to recreate with their likeness.


We then adapted the album artwork to the tour program which we appropriately kept to a Vinyl size format. It was cool to see the art in proportion as it was meant to be. Along with cool live photos, we spiced things up with intriguing band shots from around Downtown Las Vegas by Ross Halfin. The band is always a pleasure to work for. We even got a nice thank you e-mail, after the project was all wrapped up, from Joe Elliot. Cheers mate!


*We also designed the re-issue Deluxe Edition packagings for their landmark albums ‘Pyromania,’ ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Adrenalize’.